Saddlebred Versatility

American Saddlebred and Half-Saddlebred horses are increasingly making their presence known in other disciplines besides saddle seat.  Often referred to as the peacock of the show ring, this versatile breed has proven to be very competitive in dressage, cowboy dressage, eventing, combined driving, competitive trail and as hunters and jumpers.  The willingness to please and athleticism are high upon their admirable traits along with beauty, intelligence and stamina.  


Many American Saddlebreds excel in both English Dressage & Western Dressage. Saddlebreds are naturally intelligent and athletic, which lends itself well to Dressage.


Saddlebreds big heart and athletic ability make them a natural fit for jumping – both timed events and judged events, like hunter hack and hunter over fences.


Combining dressage, cross-country, and jumping into one competition – American Saddlebreds are wonderfully suited to this division, which requires intelligence, heart, and athleticism.

Hunter Country Pleasure

Hunter Country Pleasure is a very popular division at Saddlebred shows, and shows off the beauty of American Saddlebreds in hunter attire.

Western Pleasure

American Saddlebreds excel in the Western Pleasure division, because of their comfortable gaits and willing attitudes. Western Pleasure has become one of the most popular divisions at shows across the country.

Combined Driving

Saddlebreds are well-suited to combined driving events with their size, athletic ability, and intelligence.

Endurance Riding

Saddlebreds are great partners for Endurance Riding. They are comfortable to ride, incredibly athletic and willing, and have plenty of heart for long rides.

Ranch Division

The Ranch Division is one of the newest, and fastest-growing divisions in shows around the United States. There are three main classes in this division: Ranch Riding (pattern), Ranch Trail, and Ranch Rail Pleasure (rail class). Saddlebreds can show off their willing attitude, trainability, and athleticism in these classes.