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Saddlebred Rescue (SBR) Enrolls Horses at Rutgers University

According to Dr. Carey Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Equine Extension Specialist, there are eight horses in the *Rutgers University teaching herd (aka RUTH). Four of the RUTH horses are permanent. Four more are fostered and obtained by reaching out to rescue organizations for “sound and sane” horses. These additions to the herd are presently in use from January to May 1st. Donations are received to cover the expense of the horses.

SBR Pudgy and SBR Becker, two geldings, were selected from the many suitable rescues available for adoption and maintained on North Wind Stables property, Blairstown, NJ.  Dr. Williams stated that she enjoyed working with Nealia McCracken and was impressed with the way in which Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. evaluates each horse before being offered for adoption. 


According to Dr. Williams, both of these Saddlebreds have been awesome and fun to work with. Becker (pictured here) is a little nervous and so this ten year old gelding has been great for the advanced students.  Pudgy, a 15 year old gelding is a perfect lesson type horse -  polite and patient.  And, we are happy to report that Pudgy has found his “forever home” through this Rutgers Univ.  program!

The horses at R.U. are used for “handling and fitting”.  The 16 students enrolled learn proper care, which includes grooming and safe handling. Each horse is worked with for about 80 minutes a day and this includes learning showmanship in hand. There will be a two hour horse show on Saturday, April 30th starting at 10:00am where the students can demonstrate the horsemanship skills they have learned during the course of their studies.  Visit their Facebook page for more info.

The students at R.U. Equine Science Center are introduced to a lot of different breeds.  I am so pleased to report that the versatile SBR Saddlebreds got good grades and made such a good impression!  ~ Joan Booth, 04/22/16

"I wanted to send you an update with how the show went this past weekend. I was very proud of both Becker and Pudgy.  Pudgy came in first in his first grooming class and came in first again in the second showmanship class!  He was outstanding!  Becker was a bit more nervous about everything at the show, but the girls handled him very well and really showed how far he has come."                       ~ Dr. Carey Williams, 05/02/16

*"The Rutgers Equine Science Center (New Brunswick, NJ) is dedicated to better horse care through research and education to advance the well-being and performance of horses in the equine industry."