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CONGRATULATION to VERSA member LILY CALLAHAN and Royal Crest's Granite Permission and their extraordinary success in 2019 and wishing Lily the  very best of luck as scholarship recipient for the NCAA Divisions 3 Eventing Team at Transylvania University, Kentucky.

Lily Callahan’s signing ceremony took place on January 14th at Harrisburg (MO) High School.  She got a full ride scholarship to Transylvania University (Lexington KY) to be on their Varsity Eventing Team.  Accompanying her to Lexington will be her two partners, Royal Crest’s Granite Permission (Moose), and The Phantom Pistol (Pistol)(Pistol was a gift to Lily from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dieckmann—seated in one of the photos below).  Attending the signing ceremony were her Mom, Judy Callahan, and local horse people:  Brenda Benner, Dave and Rhonda Palmer Dickerson, Tricia Rackers, Dr. Pat Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Dieckmann, and Janet Thompson.  Congratulations!


MESSAGE FROM VERSA PRESIDENT         January 8, 2020  (edited for the website - jb)

Hello All—I hope everyone is doing well

The Annual Meeting of VERSA, as well as a Board meeting that will immediately follow the Annual meeting, all by conference call will take place on January 27, 2020, starting at 7 p.m. central time.  Anyone can attend both meetings, current VERSA members have voice but no vote at the Board meeting; Board members have voice and vote at that meeting  SO, the first thing I urge you to do is to join, or rejoin, VERSA for 2020, if you have not already done so.  In that way, you will be able to have a say in the direction(s) VERSA takes.  You will also be able to run for the Board, if that is something that interests you.  You can join VERSA online by going to this website OR you can send a check to our Treasurer, Hattie Francis.  Either works. 

That said, members are encouraged to put their hat in the ring for a seat on the VERSA Board.  There are three positions up for grabs this year—Joan Booth and I are both term-limited (both of us have an interest and willingness in continuing to help VERSA’s efforts, if you will have us) and Hattie Francis, who has completed one term, is willing to serve a second term on the Board.  So, I suspect that you will see Hattie’s name on the ballot. 

Since I am not running and therefore have no “dog in the fight,” please email all nomination forms to ME (not the Board or membership at large) and I will then make the ballot available for voting.  Please send me your nominations by no later than January 24th. I will send the ballot out on January 25th and voting can begin!!

Finally, there is a proposal that you all have seen but that can be distributed more widely so that everyone can begin to think through whether and then how VERSA can tackle some of the issues that have confronted our breed, and our industry for a while.  I hope we can begin formal discussions during the Board meeting on the 27th.  Virginia and Melanie have both stepped up already and are willing to take on a leadership role—thanks SO much y’all !  David Mount is also interested, from the vantage point of the ASHA/ASR, in understanding how resources can be focused by VERSA and other interested parties. 

All of the individuals who were members of the Sport Horse Committee in 2019 and all of the VERSA membership (even those who  have not yet renewed for 2020!) have been sent documents (agenda, ballot, sport horse discipline proposal)  via email.  Any questions, please email me.

THANKS everyone!! 

Janet Thompson