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  A message from incoming VERSA President, Susan Aschenbrenner

2020 is not proceeding as we planned!  First of all the VERSA Board joins me in wishing you and your families good health and safety during these unprecedented times.  Challenges abound in working from home, job losses, caring for children who are out of school or daycare and concern for loved ones we cannot visit.  Those of you in health care professions and other essential industries have the grateful appreciation of us all. Some of us are separated from our cherished equine partners by the necessity of barn closures and of course the loss of competitions and the uncertainty over when or if these events will resume.

Still much is happening during the interim.  Most of you have seen and perhaps downloaded the lovely coloring book.  Rules for Ranch Horse classes are being revised and plans made for a sport horse show to be held in September in Lake St. Louis, MO as well as VERSA merchandise offered for sale.

The purpose of this organization remains to promote our beautiful, athletic American Saddlebred horses in all disciplines and endeavors our members participate in.  Enjoy your horses if you are lucky enough to be with them or relive favorite memories and plan for when you can enjoy time together again.  Brighter days are coming! 



VERSA Member Lily Callahan is once again making us proud, this time being featured by the ASHA for Women's History Month!  Check out this Saddlebred Strong story on Lily and her American Saddlebred, Royal Crest's Granite Permission, on the ASHA Website, HERE




2/22/2020 - Executive Committee Election Results: 

Susan Aschenbrenner, President

Karen Thompson, Vice President and Charter Club Representative

Hattie Francis, Treasurer

Jordan Inman, Secretary

Janet Thompson, At Large Member


Message from VERSA Outgoing President

Thanks to everyone for promoting the versatility of the American Saddlebred over the last year.  Your efforts on behalf of this glorious breed are appreciated by the VERSA Board, but more importantly, by the horses themselves.  It is through your work that we instill in more potential owners that the best choice for their next equine partner is an American Saddlebred, regardless of the discipline that they enjoy. Your work, our work, is most effective when we take collective action, even when collectively, we hold up an individual horse that is making a mark on a particular discipline or area. 

Best Wishes to All in Year 2020 - Janet Thompson




Rachel Kelley Barron, Karen Thompson and returning member Hattie Francis were elected to the VERSA Board of Directors by the membership.




CONGRATULATION to VERSA member LILY CALLAHAN and Royal Crest's Granite Permission and their extraordinary success in 2019 and wishing Lily the  very best of luck as scholarship recipient for the NCAA Divisions 3 Eventing Team at Transylvania University, Kentucky.

Lily Callahan’s signing ceremony took place on January 14th at Harrisburg (MO) High School.  She got a full ride scholarship to Transylvania University (Lexington KY) to be on their Varsity Eventing Team.  Accompanying her to Lexington will be her two partners, Royal Crest’s Granite Permission (Moose), and The Phantom Pistol (Pistol)(Pistol was a gift to Lily from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dieckmann—seated in one of the photos below).  Attending the signing ceremony were her Mom, Judy Callahan, and local horse people:  Brenda Benner, Dave and Rhonda Palmer Dickerson, Tricia Rackers, Dr. Pat Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Dieckmann, and Janet Thompson.  Congratulations!