Board of Directors


Carol Jones, President

Carol Jones has been riding & training American Saddlebreds for over 20 years. She specializes in western pleasure, trail, and ranch divisions. Carol passionately believes that Saddlebreds are intelligent and willing athletes who can excel in a variety of disciplines, including the challenging pattern work in the trail and ranch divisions. Carol also trains Appaloosa’s and Quarter Horses in the all-around and ranch divisions. Carol has been a member of the VERSA board for several years and was instrumental in launching the ranch division for American Saddlebreds.

Susan Aschenbrenner, Vice President

Susan has been involved with American Saddlebred Horses for almost 30 years.  Susan and her husband John own Dreamacres LLC, an American Saddlebred breeding farm in Cumming, Iowa.  Susan served on the American Saddlebred Registry Board of Directors for 6 years and held the office of Treasurer and also serves on the Charter Club Council and Pleasure Horse Committees through the ASHA.  She is also a long term director of the Iowa Horse Shows Association, Vice President of the Iowa American Saddlebred Association, and chaired the Des Moines Springfest Horse Show for 18 years.   Susan believes the future of the American Saddlebred lies in promoting its versatility! 

Ginny Beth Norton Secretary

Ginny Beth Norton has been riding & showing American Saddlebreds since she was 5 years old. She enjoys showing in divisions, including hunt seat, western, trail, and the ranch division. She brings an AOT perspective to breed versatility, and strongly believes that Saddlebreds can excel in all divisions. Ginny Beth has served on the VERSA board for a few years, and also serves on the board of the Arkansas Classic Horse Shows, which puts on three multi-breed open shows annually. These shows offer all divisions, and you will often find Ginny Beth exhibiting her Saddlebreds in a variety of disciplines. She enjoys sharing the versatility of Saddlebreds with new audiences.

Deidre Wood Stuhlman, Treasurer

Deidre’s riding career first started at the tender age of 3 with her 28 year-old pony named “Sugar Bear.” With parents who owned, bred, and showed Saddlebreds, there was no doubt to her breed of choice.  From showing 5-gaited horses to winning the Juvenile Western Shatner Finals, Deidre loves and appreciates the versatility of the Saddlebred. She currently owns a variety of Saddlebreds, including Gus, a county western pleasure horse and Jackson, an english country pleasure horse. When Deidre is not at her Missouri farm caring for her horses, she can usually be found in courtroom working as a litigation attorney.


  • Carol Jones, President
  • Susan Aschenbrenner, V.P.
  • Deidre Stuhlman, Treasurer
  • Ginny Beth Norton, Secretary
  • Kris Wallace 
  • Melanie Sloyer 
  • Carolyn Hardaway
  • Lauren Engemann
  • Laura Jumpp
  • Shelah Wetter

We encourage all VERSA members to join ASHA and all ASHA members to join VERSA! You must be a VERSA member to vote for the VERSA board of directors.