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Historical Society, Boone County, Missouri

We have just mounted an exhibit in our local Historical Society about Boone County's equestrian history. Since Boone County is the home to so many American Saddlebred families of the two and four legged varieties, the main thrust of the exhibit is that breed! Saddlebreds are featured as family horses, and in many disciplines in the exhibit which also includes various pieces of tack, i.e. a side saddle, a cut back, a western saddle plus bridles used in various disciplines.

To go along with this exhibit, we are hosting a tour of stables this October as a benefit for the Historical Society. Two of the five barns featured are Saddlebred barns. Also, Stephens College, which has Saddlebreds too will present them in the course of the day.

Finally, this fall all eighth grade students in Boone County will be eligible to participate in a writing competition, the subject of which is Boone County's equestrian history. The students will be encouraged to start their research at the Historical Society. Commerce Bank has put up funding for two $1,000 scholarships and the American Royal is providing tickets to stake night for the top ten winners in both sections of the competition. The reason for the American Royal connection? Tom Bass, who was born and raised in Boone County, was one of the founders of the American Royal.  ~ Janet Thompson

Enjoy the tour pictured below.




The Team for the Historical Society Exhibit was led by Lynn Frazee and includes Sue Webster, Ann Cleek, Karen Shelton Rader and Janet Thompson. The Team for the Stables Tour includes the Missouri Horse Show Association, with Debbie Thomas and Janet Thompson (Board members) spearheading the effort.