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Dreams Come True

Roselane's Bustin' Blue, fondly referred to as Blue by his owner, Whitney Graham, is a five year old American Saddlebred gelding stabled at Avalon Horse Farm in Columbia, Illinois. Whitney purchased  Blue from Jean Mutrux in December 2014 with plans to event him as he shows signs of being a promising very athletic jumper. Following is their story as related, April 16, 2015.

Days after purchasing Blue last December, I found out that I had to have hip surgery for a torn hip labrum. I wasn't able to ride him until just a few weeks ago. This is where my talented friend Margo Wottowa stepped in. Margo's enthusiam for horses is immeasurable and her dedication and work ethic are the same. Margo took the reins, literally, and has patiently worked Blue these last few months. She's done both dressage and jumping with him. He's come so incredibly far under her guidance in such a short amount of time. I'm thrilled.

This last weekend was special to me for lots of reasons. I was so proud of both Margo and Blue who shows under the name Rhythm & Blues. I love to watch Margo's hard work and talent pay off. How lucky that me and my horse get to be beneficiaries of such a talented and dedicated young lady. I thought they did wonderfully for Blue's first ever dressage show at the MHSA Bridlespur Kick-Off Horse Show. Blue was lucky. He couldn't have had anyone better upon his back to take him into that ring the first time. I was so proud of both of them. I'm sure you'll see the two of them and the two of us in the future.

I also feel lots of excitement around the potential he shows. I can't wait to see where he'll be in six months, a year and even further down the road. Although I'm also riding him now. I have no doubt that Margo will contiue to be instrumental in his success. I'm a fairly new rider and even newer to eventing. I've only ridden for about 3.5 years. Blue is my first horse but he fulfills a long childhood dream. One of my favorite things about Blue is his temperment, sweet disposition and personality. He makes me feel like he's always happy to see me.

Post Script 04/18/15: "Margo has Blue at his first jumper show today. He's gotten three firsts and a second. At 21" he just went double clear in a jump off in 27 seconds. He loves to jump!