2/22/2020 Executive Committee Results

Susan Aschenbrenner, President
Karen Thompson, Vice President and Charter Club Representative
Hattie Francis, Treasurer
Jordan Inman, Secretary
Janet Thompson, At Large Member

Message from VERSA Outgoing President:
Thanks to everyone for promoting the versatility of the American Saddlebred over the last year.  Your efforts on behalf of this glorious breed are appreciated by the VERSA Board, but more importantly, by the horses themselves.  It is through your work that we instill in more potential owners that the best choice for their next equine partner is an American Saddlebred, regardless of the discipline that they enjoy. Your work, our work, is most effective when we take collective action, even when collectively, we hold up an individual horse that is making a mark on a particular discipline or area. 

Best Wishes to All in Year 2020 – Janet Thompson

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