Ranch Horse Rules Passed by ASHA BOD! 

VERSA is delighted to share that the Board of the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) unanimously passed the Ranch Horse Rules presented at their June 29th meeting.  The rules now go to the USEF for review with the goal of offering a new performance division for the working ranch horse.  This division offers new opportunities to increase the popularity of saddlebreds in areas with fewer horses as well as increase the diversity of Saddlebred horses in the show ring.  The ranch division comprises four classes: Ranch Riding (pattern class, no rail work), Ranch Riding Rail Pleasure (rail class, no pattern), Ranchmanship (pattern class), and Ranch Trail (trail pattern, no rail work).  VERSA would like to thank Carol Jones for her work on the rules for the Ranch Division.  VERSA looks forward to providing more information about these classes, and helping to grow this division at local and regional shows! 

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