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Susan Aschenbrenner,      President

Karen Thompson, V.P.

Hattie Francis, Treasurer

​Jordan Inman, Secretary

Ginny Beth Norton

Kris Wallace 

Carol Jones 

Virginia LaRocque

Melanie Sloyer 

Carey Verschuure

Rachel Kelley Barron


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Besides having a tremendous,  capacity for collection, brilliance and impulsion as well as presence and intelligence, and an impeccable temperament, trainability and endurance, with pure correct gaits, the willingness to learn, and is personable with that "look at me" attitude; besides all that the Saddlebred is - Made in America! 

 VERSA is proud to support the Mission of Saddlebred Rescue.

1,300+  horses saved            and counting!


Send us your ideas on how VERSA can best promote the versatility of our awesome breed.  Tell us what VERSA can do for you as a member and tell us what you can contribute to VERSA's mission.  We want to hear from you!



Susan Aschenbrenner, President

Susan has been involved with American Saddlebred Horses for almost 30 years.  Her best-known show ring partner is WCC CH Callaway's Cumulus, with whom she has won numerous World Champion and National Champion titles.  She is currently showing Ethereal Love in the Fine Harness division.  Susan and her husband John own Dreamacres LLC, an American Saddlebred breeding farm in Cumming, Iowa.  Susan began her active interest in the Saddlebred community with the juvenile riding careers of her three children.  Susan served on the American Saddlebred Registry Board of Directors for 6 years and held the office of Treasurer and also serves on the Charter Club Council and Pleasure Horse Committees through the ASHA.  She is also a long term director of the Iowa Horse Shows Association, Vice President of the Iowa American Saddlebred Association, and chaired the Des Moines Springfest Horse Show for 18 years.  Susan graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  She earned a M.S. in Education from Drake University and taught both Kindergarten and preschool, where she served as school Director of Education.  Susan believes the future of the American Saddlebred lies in promoting its versatility! 

Harriet (Hattie) Francis, Treasurer

Hattie is an attorney for Orscheln Industries in Moberly, Missouri, and has owned American Saddlebreds for more than 30 years.  Her first Saddlebred was a natural gaited Stonewall King-bred mare.  Her horses have typically been used for at home pleasure mounts, although one of her newer horses is a top western and working western mare that will be her show and home trail riding mount.  Hattie is a firm believer in the versatility of the American Saddlebred and appreciates and supports the notion of a good job for every Saddlebred.  Her commitment to advancing the cause of the horse in an era of shrinking opportunities is shown by her service to the industry.  She is a Past President of the Missouri Equine Council and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Missouri Horse Shows Association and the Boone County Missouri Extension Council.

Jordan Inman, Secretary

Jordan is a 1st grade teacher in Dallas, TX.  Jordan's love of Saddlebreds began in the 6th grade when she switched from dressage and started riding with Foster Farm in Dallas.  Jordan never owned her own show horse but worked very hard to become the best she could be.  She was a working student for trainer Nicole Foster where she realized that this breed of horse was truly special.  In college she took lessons in all disciplines with Aubrey Stoughton to get truly well-versed in the art of riding any seat.  After college, she decided it was time to go out on her own adventure as an AOT.  Jordan finally got to purchase her first Saddlebred of her very own at the age of 25.  The saddlebred's name was Sultan's Sunrise on Five, aka Moose.  Moose truly is as versatile as they come.  He loves to jump (up to four feet), loves to compete in ASB Hunter classes, and even will be debuting in Adult Equitation.  Jordan enjoys being an AOT with a few friends at what they call Shenanigan Stables.  Her dream is that the Saddlebred will be seen as the breed of choice for anyone and everyone for any purpose.

Janet Thompson, At Large Member

Janet started riding in the 1960's and gained experience from a multitude of different instructors and trainers, primarily on American Saddlebreds and in the Saddle Seat discipline.  Over the years, Western Dressage, Eventing, Jumpers, and Trail were added to her skill set as different horses showed themselves to be more suited to those disciplines.  Janet currently shows The King's Speech, whose dam and grandam she showed in the 5-gaited division, in the Hunter division.  She works "Bertie" and his baby brother Charlie at home.  On the ground, Janet is the co-founder of Partners in Equitation, which facilitates the creation of partnerships between riders from mainstream riding programs and riders in therapeutic riding programs.  She is the founder of Calvary Episcopal Charity Horse Show and Founder of Janian Series Horse Shows.  She joins Paula Briney, a former VERSA Board member, in working toward emergency preparedness for horse owners in her state.  There's more - she was a public defender for 25 years, concentrating on the defense of the capitally accused in Missouri state courts, and she is the current Northern District Commissioner for Boone County Missouri.